Loceaux for Taceaux

Can we just discuss how genius food trucks are for a sec? There's something about food made in trucks that fascinates me. It's fast food, but it's made to order; it's a restaurant, but it's on wheels; they always seem to pop up right when you have a late night hankering; it's always delicious, and it probably has a bad ass name*. Amazing! I don't know...am I alone in my fascination? I think not. So now let's discuss tacos and how perfect they are, especially when Taceaux Loceaux makes them.

My Favorite Uptown Restaurant

I get asked pretty often what my favorite restaurant in New Orleans is. My response goes something like this: "oohhhh that's a tough one. What neighborhood slash category are we talking about?" Yes, I have a working list of favorites, but it'd be wrong to just pick one. Unnatural even. I can, however, stomach picking a favorite from each area in the city.

First up, is Uptown.

a new orleans local's spring calendar

i'm gonna admit right now that this blog entry is as much for me as it is for you. those who know me well know how much i love "decorating" my calendar and making lists. it gives me ridiculous pleasure to map out my near future...especially during my favorite season, which is spring! i've had it up to here with this crappy weather. i am ready for warmth and sun rays and margaritas and floral dresses and music festivals and the smell of a crawfish boil for crying out loud! i know you're with me on this, so feel free to take a few minutes to whip out your calendar and daydream about the warmer days ahead.

the nola pie district

i first saw this cute shop literally just 4 blocks away from my house that is called "p's and q's," and they only make two specialties: pies and quiches. how cute is that?! the adorable play on the phrase on top of the fact that they make two of my top favorite things ever just sealed my instant crush. then i actually ate their pies and quiches...needless to say (but i will say it), i want to have their mini-pie babies. every day.

St. Joe's Bar: A local fave

everyone should have a neighborhood bar. st. joe's is mine. it's not the most popular or swankiest bar, but it's got three essentials: a signature drink, friendly & divey atmosphere and a nice back patio area. other pros are that it's just a few blocks away from my home and has a pool table & juke box. i also heard through the grapevine that ryan gosling stayed here til 3am this one time, sooooo i'm pretty sure he'll be back one day. reason enough to pop in a few times a week, right? just in case.

mumford and (house of the rising) sons

so basically, i've been wanting to see mumford live for 3 years. it was worth the wait! and seeing them in nola, on what is now considered their last tour for a while, was very sweet. sadly, once they finished the tour the next week, they announced that they are taking a break indefinitely. i refuse to take this as a break up. i think they've just been though a hurricane the last 3 years and need a serious break, especially with their bass player getting hospitalized this summer.

the show was at mardi gras world, and the venue is basically just a giant slab of concrete in between the mardi gras world warehouse and the mississippi river. it was a particularly warm september summer night. and when i say warm, i mean hellish hot.


people are serious about their sno-balls here…and i fit right in! i like to consider myself a sno-cone ball (if you live in nola you have to set your default setting to sno-ball, not sno-cone) connoisseur, if you will. my credentials, you ask? well, my very first job was at a sno-ball stand. that summer, i ate free sno-balls every single day. it was basically the best summer ever. i did lots of experimenting with flavors, but once mr. fred, the owner, introduced me to “the triple,” it was all over. the triple is an off-the-menu flavor consisting of half ice cream flavor, half nectar flavor with cream (evaporated milk) on top…only the most loyal & experienced palettes knew about it. when someone ordered it, i’d give ‘em a wink like we were in a secret club.

top chef "research"

my friend jess came to visit me this last past weekend, and i was excited to play tour guide. especially because i consider her to be my foodie friend, and she loves top chef! of course with the newest season being taped in new orleans (season premiere oct 2nd), i wanted to surprise her with a special lunch upon her arrival. i watched padma's picks recently and discovered that one of the two local chefs chosen to compete is justin deviller from la petite grocery, which is in my hood, so off to makin' groceries we went!