Hello, my name is Danielle Granger Nava.

showmeyournola is a lifestyle blog that focuses on that New Orleans state-of-mind, wherever you are. Follow my adventures in dining, cooking, Nola, travel guides, home style, Instagram and all things beautiful & delicious I find along the way.

Find your New Orleans state-of-mind, wherever you are. 

Danielle was born in Sulphur, LA (southwest Louisiana) and has lived throughout South Louisiana her whole life (except for 6 months in Oxford, England during her LSU years.) After 3 years of fulfilling her dream of living in New Orleans, she moved back to her hometown with her newlywed husband, Andrés Nava. They live in a 1895 Historical Home in the Charpentier District in Lake Charles, LA. 

The showmeyournola Story:

Two weeks after I turned 30 (in Paris, no less) I fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to New Orleans. I was instantly acclimated and utterly in love with the city…it was everything I had dreamt of and more!

I ate, I drank, I danced, I met amazing people, I learned about new cultures, I tried new things, I went to every concert I could afford, I sashayed in second lines, I hosted epic Halloween parties, I started a costume closet, I lived uptown and then in Treme (just 2 blocks from the French Quarter), I rode my bike everywhere during Mardi Gras, I got ticketed and towed on a regular basis, I worked in coffee shops, I lived with a couple of ghosts, I overcame my fear of ghosts, I worked at an antique jewelry shop of Royal St., I rode my bike to work through the French Quarter, I cheered on the Saints, I paraded, and I ate and drank a whole lot more. It didn’t take me long to decide that I needed to document my journey. Hence, showmeyournola was born on Instagram in September of 2013.

I worked for myself my first two years living there, so I had complete freedom to succumb to every whim and fancy that the city offered. I was a true New Orleanian. 

Let’s back up…I grew up in Southwest Louisiana (Sulphur + Lake Charles.) I visited New Orleans often and always felt in my heart that I belonged there. My desire drew stronger when I studied abroad in Oxford, England my junior year at LSU. It was during my travels in Europe that I realized just how special New Orleans is. It is the most European and cultural city in the United States, and I was living in the same state as her! I thought how ridiculous it was that I wasn’t living there. 

To make a long story short, I met my future husband and decided to join the family business as a financial advisor in 2015. It didn’t take long for us to realize that starting a life and family in my home town (the hubs is from Venezuela) just made more sense. We moved home to Lake Charles in the summer of 2016. After our wedding (which was in Nola) we bought a home, and we are starting our new life in 2017. It is truly bittersweet because I will always long for New Orleans, but I know it’s just a short drive away.

"New Orleans doesn't just belong to those who are born here. it also belongs to those who are reborn here."