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This site celebrates the delicious food, southern style + the colorful culture of "my" Louisiana. 

My husband and I met + fell in love in New Orleans, but now we live in a 1800s historical home in Lake Charles, LA. In case you're wondering where that is, it's in the heel of the boot ;) 

New Orleans, family, food, travel, photography, writing, Game of Thrones, cats and scarves are just a few things I'm obsessed with. 

I hope you enjoy your stay + you come back now, ya hear! 

My Favorite {Nola} Things: 2015 Edition

My Favorite {Nola} Things: 2015 Edition

Let's talk about gifts, baby. 

It's no secret that New Orleans is an artsy town. The city attracts artisans of all kinds, from all over the world. That is and always will be a fact. What you may not be so aware of is that these artisans are not only expressing themselves--they're building successful nation-wide businesses--one dog collar at a time. 

That's right, Nola is home to a rising number of sophisticated artsy entrepreneurs ready to share their unique craft and fulfill their dreams like never before. With the power of social media and the increasing ease of e-commerce by their side, they've been able to reach levels of success that simply weren't readily available to Nola artists in days of yore. But no matter what, they need our support. 

(um, speaking of social media, you may {may=must} want to check out my Instagram account...I'll be giving away each one of these items starting on Monday!) 

It's a beautiful thing, and I'm just a happy consumer who wants to share these goodies with you! And because there's so many of y'all hustlin' out there, it makes selecting these "things" VERY difficult!

All of these items are made and/or conceptualized in New Orleans (or the surrounding areas) from local makers. They also all happen to make perfect gifts and additions to your home...especially if you love New Orleans and want to support local. 

Without further ado, here is 2015's ShowMeYourFavoriteThings (in no certain order): 

1) Goods That Matter - Alligator Dish Towel
Shop: http://bit.ly/1Nh2BOc, $26
The older I get, the more crazy I get for dish towels...and precious kitchen accessories, in general. I'm not mad about it--especially when dish towels like this are being created! 
Fun fact about the maker: a portion of all proceeds flow to causes that impact the health, happiness and sustainability of our communities both locally and for our neighbors around the world.

2) SEE SCOUT SLEEP - Leather Dog/Cat Collars
Shop: http://bit.ly/1jU7279, starting at $43.80
Because our furbabies need style too! These leather collars are brand spanking new! Like, they were literally just released this weekend. Get 'em while they're hot! 

3) KellyDraws - "Yay Sports!" Koozie
Shop: http://etsy.me/1lVaG1X, $5
Because you can never have enough...and because we need our bevvies cold as much as we need to "Win the points!" 

4) Smoke Perfume - Ritual Sugar Scrub
Shop: http://bit.ly/1M8eKRP, $24
***Get 15% off this item with promo code: SHOWMEYOURNOLA!***
Your dry skin worries are over--this scrub not only smells divine, it'll keep you smooth and smelling edible...and who doesn't want to smell so good that they want to be eaten? Not me. 
Fun fact: the sugar is locally-sourced Louisiana fine grain sugar! 

5) Home Malone - Sno Ball Wooden Sign
Shop: http://etsy.me/1OmUgXc, $28
***Get 15% off this item with promo code: SHOWMEYOURNOLA!***
If you know me at all, you know my endless love for sno-balls. If you're a true New Orleanian, you love sno-balls. If you're a human with taste buds, you love sno-balls. So what's better than sno-balls?? Sno-ball art. Duh. I actually have a growing collection of #snoballart, and this little gem is an excellent addition. It also satisfies my love of mini art pieces, so...win-win! 
...Can I also just add the fact that the name of her business just wins my heart. 

6) SAVVYROOT's - Snap Cowl
Shop: http://bit.ly/1Rh26Yr, $48
***Get 20% off all Snap Cowls with promo code: FAVETHINGS. Items cannot be guaranteed to ship by Christmas***
I have a SLIGHT obsession with scarves, and I need another scarf like I need a hole in my head. HOWEVER, these things are not scarves, so I obviously need ALL of them. My neck needs warmth, style, function and versatility in order to function this winter...enter the Snap Cowl! I think my favorites of all of them is the reversible herringbone and the navy plaid.

7) iheartnola - NOLA/FADE
Shop: http://bit.ly/1Y5jfZy, $24.99
If you follow @iheartnola on Instagram, you already know your eyes are in for a gorgeous feast of New Orleans. I love the way he captures the vibrant colors and spirit of Nola. This book is the perfect coffee table book for anyone who loves the city. 

8) The Twirl Shop - Mardi Gras Canvas Tote
Shop: http://etsy.me/21Y03ME, $35
***Dec 23rd & Dec 24th Only: $5 off and free shipping if you pick up locally! Use promo code: SHOWMEYOURNOLA at checkout!!***
I got one of these totes last year, and you'll be shocked at how often you use it. Supplies are needed for any Mardi Gras function: liquor, mixers, cups, straws, snacks, koozies, beads, toilet paper (you never know), and of course you need something to hold all of your "throws." I get so many compliments on it every time I use it, which is actually year round. See, in New Orleans, those are normal supply necessities for any given day of the year. 

9) Madly-Yours - The Sare Mini Pouch
Shop: http://bit.ly/1O24P7P, $55 ~ top grain leather (like butta!)
I adore the color of this nude pouch, and the cobalt blue one is irrestible too! Hold all the special stuff in here (like credit cards, cash, lip gloss, etc.) so switching purses is a piece of cake. 

10) Fit by You - Move Ya Brass Tank
Shop: http://bit.ly/1lWHqrx, $28
People live life to the fullest in New Orleans, and that means we don't hesitate to indulge. After all, we have the best food in the world--how can you not? Well, we basically work out so that we can eat all of the goodness. It's all about balance, right? When working out, you need a little motivation, and nothing motivates quite like the saying "Move Ya Brass!"

11) Walking Man Studios - Assorted Illustrated New Orleans Notecards
Shop: http://etsy.me/1OosJVn, $18

 ***Get 15% off this item with promo code: SHOWMEYOURNOLA!***

I first saw Maggie Covert's artwork in a local pie shop in my old Uptown neighborhood 2 years ago, and I've been enamored with her work ever since. I love sending these note cards with hand written messages on them and also buying them as gifts...because a Southern Lady can never have enough stationery and unique note cards! 

12) LipScape - Vermillion Lip Gloss
Shop: http://bit.ly/1I0GJYI, $10
I'm a lip gloss kinda gal. Lip stick just doesn't stay on me, and it's always a battle to find the right kind. I bought this lip gloss last year because during the holidays, a red lip is required. Right? Well, this gloss won me over--it's a beautiful shade of red with a hint of shimmer, it's moisturizing and it lasts forever on my lips (and nothing lasts on my lips.) 

That completes ShowMeYourNola's 2015 My Favorite {Nola} Things! Now get ta shopping...Christmas is just 2 weeks away! 

Merry Christmas y'all!  


p.s. Don't forget to check my Instagram account (@showmeyournola) for the 12 Day Giveaway contest where I'm giving away each one of these items. 


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