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Top 10 Things To Do in New Orleans this Fall

Top 10 Things To Do in New Orleans this Fall

TOP 10 FALL cropped

There's something about the Fall that just makes everything better. After the EXTRA long summers in New Orleans, the first cool snaps in October can make you want to skip down the street with a plaid shirt and a scarf on and hug everyone in sight. We need that extra energy because it's the beginning of a long holiday and festival season here, and it's time to make your schedules!

1. Nolaween {when Halloween met Nola} Other than Mardi Gras—and maybe Jazz Fest—there’s no finer time of year for New Orleans. It’s October which means we get to do what we do best: dress up in crazy costumes and go wild! New Orleanians are proud of many things, but our dominance in the costume arena is at the top of the list. Costumes are a big deal here. You can throw your sexy kitten and Superman costumes in the trash…child’s play, I tell you! You’ve got to think outside the box. I once saw a five-headed man at Moms Ball that's still giving me nightmares.

One doesn’t simply throw something together from your closet. Unless, of course, you have a costume closet. I’m talking about a whole separate closet exclusively for costumes. If that’s the case, then yes, maybe you can just “throw something together.” That’s the dream, folks. If you have a costume closet in New Orleans, you’ve made it! Sorry to get off track...costume closets get me excited.

Costumes are planned months in advance and must impress. You must put thought and time into it, or else everyone will know and judge you. Kidding! In all seriousness though, it is my belief that the exact amount of time and thought you put into a costume is directly related to the amount of fun you have on Halloween. The more bad ass your costume is, the more fun you have!

One last note on Nolaween…if you want to do something other than fight the massive crowds on Frenchman St., I recommend checking out Quintron & Miss Pussycat at One Eyed Jacks on Halloween night. I went to their Lundi Gras show earlier this year, and it did not disappoint. As far as I know they only play on these dates: Lundi Gras, Halloween & New Year’s Eve. A Quintron show embodies quintessential New Orleans weirdness and what better night to see them than Halloween?! Warning: it’s gonna get weird. But really really fun weird! And isn’t that what Halloween in New Orleans is supposed to be?! It'll be worth it to go just see some of the best costumes in town.

P.S. don’t YouTube them…you may find some really creepy puppet shows. Which, hey, if you’re into that—no judgement—but there were no puppets on the stage back in March. Watch this quick clip of their Lundi Gras show instead that I recorded.

2.Voodoo Fest Traditionally around Halloween weekend, this three day music festival is where I lost my live music virginity card back in 2001. It was the year Snoop was an hour late because he got too high (oh, Snoop-a-loop you crazy dog), Missy Elliot came into the crowd and I got a blurry pic of her back with my throw-away camera, and then we got in trouble for lighting a fire to keep warm during the Tool show. {sigh} I miss college.

Anywho, it's always a great time and the lineup is solid this year...not to mention the first day is Halloween so don't forget your costume at home! I just wish Outkast was playing on a different day because there are Halloween parties to attend. Sometimes, there really are too many options in this town. It's like choosing between Door #1, 2 or 3...and they're all winners! It's like "stop being so fun, nola." I joke, I joke. Don't stop. Ever!

3.Boudin Bourbon & Beer Does this really need a description? $99 will buy you an all-you-can-stuff-down-your-pie-hole ticket to one of the biggest food events in town. Co-chairs Emeril Lagasse and Donald Link and 50 of the nation’s best chefs, including many New Orleans greats, will prepare and serve boudin...lots and lots of boudin. Wash all that meat down with open bars of local craft beers, premium spirits, fine wines and more. I can't help but think: if I get a ticket to this, how can I get my hands on some of that elixir the Capital people drank in The Hunger Games that makes you vomit so you can eat more. Is that bad? Oh that reminds me...I need to start planning a Capital-themed party...

4.Visit Bacchanal Bacchanal is hands-down my favorite spot in New Orleans. It has everything I love: a vast wine selection, cheese plates, delicious yet simple food, a dreamy secluded courtyard that makes me feel like I'm in a rom-com and live jazz every single night. You don’t have to choose between food quality and ambiance here because it’s all rolled into one delicious experience, and the fall weather delivers the experience perfectly. Grab a friend or a hot date, your latest Goorin Brothers hat and some cash, then plant your ass on a seat for several hours while sipping on wine and letting sweet jazz fill your ear holes. Honestly, I can’t think of a better evening. Sunday nights are most popular and seating is limited, so I recommend going during the week. And don't forget cash for food & tips!


5.Roosevelt & Sazerac Bar in December Stopping by The Roosevelt during Christmas time is an absolute MUST! It’s like a chic North Pole exhibit. The fancy vintage décor of old Waldorf Astoria hotel is the perfect setting for it. You may morph into Buddy the Elf, run and twirl down the hall with your arms wide open then joyfully spin around too many times in the revolving door, but no one will judge. After you settle down your inner-childhood excitement, pop in to the Sazerac bar for a Pimms Cup and Old Fashioned. Such a classic Nola experience!


6.Second Saturday in Bywater Probably the hippest thing happening in New Orleans right now (why do I feel like I sound like a grandma when I say “hippest?”) If the Bywater is hip, then the SCAD's (St. Claude Arts District) Second Saturday event in the Bywater is hip to the highest power. I actually felt too “uptown” to be there, and I don’t even live uptown.

So...every “second” Saturday of the month, art exhibits and shops "pop up" along St. Claude Ave. I recommend starting at Frontier (search #frontiernola on IG) to shop local designers and makers then work your way up the street from there. Each stop serves free or $1 wine and beer, and some places will even have a local food truck outside. It makes for a very cultural and affordable evening if you’re on a budge. St. Claude Avenue is one of the newest streets in town becoming gentrified, however, it’s not all the way there yet, so don’t stray too far from your friends when you go on this artsy fartsy art walk.


7. Nola Brewery Tour on Fridays Every Friday from 2:00-3:00pm Nola Brewery opens their doors for a tour of the facility…then they open their doors to their tasting room for all to enjoy…for free! Yes, you heard right. A brewery gives away free beer every single Friday afternoon. I feel like I should be keeping this a secret.--like maybe it's an accident that they're giving away free beer, and I don't want to be the one who ruins it! Hopefully they don't catch on and continue to allow us this gift. And once again, the fall weather is perfect for drinking beer on a patio...and they’ve got a pretty cute one.

8. This is Nola This is Nola are the new kids on the block. It's an organization that showcases contemporary New Orleans culture. What does that mean for you? You'll have access to a FREE monthly event series that showcases the newest sights, tastes & sounds of New Orleans. SCORE!! The first one was last night (Oct. 17th), and it was a well put-together event. I saw some talented local bands I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and I got to meet some cool new people who share my same interests.

November's event is slated for Nov. 14th; be sure to RSVP as soon as they post the Facebook event because last night's show sold out in advance, and if you didn't RSVP you couldn't get in. Keep an eye on them...I think they're on to something.


9. Celebration in the Oaks in City Park Cue another Buddy the Elf moment! This is “one of the most spectacular holiday lights festivals in the country, with more than 165,000 visitors pouring into the park to see the magical winter spectacle. City Park’s famous oaks are swathed in hundreds of thousands of twinkling white lights and breathtaking light displays (including the crowd-favorite Who Dat tree) are scattered throughout 25 acres of the park, including the Botanical Garden, Storyland, and Carousel Gardens.”

I haven’t been yet (shame on me), but I plan on going with bells on this year. No really, I have these bells that I'm going to attach to my shoes. I recommend stopping by Morning Call on your way out of the park for some chicory coffee & beignets to cap off the night.

10. Go to a Saints Game – Obviously. WHO DAT!

SURPRISE...I couldn't just pick 10. Here are 5 more things to add to your list!

11.Visit Crescent Park  The new 1.4 mile park spans from Elysian Fields Avenue in the Marigny to Mazant Street in Bywater and includes 20-acres of indigenous landscaping, a network of paths suitable for walking, jogging, and biking; picnic areas, benches, a dog run, and the adaptive reuse of two former industrial wharves. The walking paths within the gardens are constructed with permeable asphalt paving, an environmentally-friendly material. The views aren't bad either!

I believe the plan is to extend it even further, closer to the French Quarter, so eventually it will be much longer. Kudos to the city for taking the underutilized riverfront property and using it to restore the natural environment and provide more outdoor spaces for us. #thanksmitch!

The view from Crescent City Park

12. Stroll Royal Street By far my favorite street in the entire city. To me, Royal Street is royalty. I bow to its beauty. An evening stroll visiting art galleries and window shopping while sipping on a cocktail in a geaux cup…it’s another experience that just never gets old.


These next 3 events I haven’t attended yet, but I’m hoping to this year. You should def check them out too (and report back to me)!

13. Oktoberfest: 3 weekends of German Food, music & Beer. Oct 10th &11th, 17th & 18th and 24th & 25th.

14.New Orleans Film Festival: Happening now through Oct 23rd...catch a screening!

15.Hell Yes Fest: A badass comedy festival held in various venues throughout Nola Nov. 12-16th. More to come on this event!

Did I miss something? What's your favorite thing to do in New Orleans during the fall? Leave a comment below. I hope you try some new things this season, and when you do remember to #showmeyournola to share the #nolalove. Have a fantastic Fall season everyone!


Paris in New Orleans: Cafe Degas

Paris in New Orleans: Cafe Degas